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In 1939, Mr. Joseph Chacour founded his own company, "Ets. Joseph Chacour", located in center of Beirut. At that time, in the cars field, Ford was the only car brand existing in the market, so the activity of the company started with this brand. Moreover, "Ets. Joseph Chacour" has been one of the first companies to import from abroad cars spare parts.

In 1970, our company expanded its horizons of importation of cars spare parts towards new brands, as to know Mercedes and BMW. In fact, at this time, Germany was known to be the first country in the field of cars spare parts, so our company, which aim was to bring the best quality for its clients, import exclusively Mercedes and BMW spare parts.

In order to satisfy all needs and to respond to the biggest range of clients' demand, our company became to import all kinds of Mercedes and BMW spare parts, covering all the Lebanese territory and rapidly, several international countries.


Since the creation of our company, "Ets. Joseph Chacour s.a.l.", our objectives have always been to bring to our clients the best quality in cars spare parts. For that, our aim within the company is to perpetuate, from a generation to another, this commitment of quality, thanks to a specific quality control for all imported products.